18ton Log Splitter, Kinetic Log Splitter 3.5hp Petrol

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    18ton Log Splitter, Kinetic Log Splitter 3.5hp Petrol BM11097P

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    This Forestwest 18ton Log Splitter BM11097P, is a more advanced model call Kinetic Log Splitter. It is a lot more efficient with only 2-3 seconds per split cycle, much faster than hydraulic ones. And it required very low maintenance, you only need to keep it clean and lubricated. 18ton Kinetic Log Splitter BM11097P can generate up to 18ton splitting force, powered by a 3.5hp 4-stroke petrol motor. Tested with Jarrah, Yellow Box, String Bark, and Red Gum. This machine is up about waist high with a stand, so you don't need to bend over to do any splitting, and the front tray will catch all the split pieces ready for the next split. The recommended log sizes are 400mm long and 450mm round. Perfect for domestic use.

    NOTE: For Petrol Engine: Adjust the speed of the engine to make sure the cycle time is around 2-3 seconds. It is recommended to try and split at a lower speed, and gradually increase the speed of the engine if necessary. Engine running too fast may cause extra wear to the gears inside.


    • The average cycle time is about 2s to 3s.

    • It can split normal Jarrah, red-gum, etc.
    • More flexibility with the petrol motor - no need to find a power point for operation.

    • Equiped with solid table, it can split firewood up to 400mm long and 460mm in diameter. Makes it suitable for most cases.

    • Long legs to avoid bending for operation, easy to use. Large wheels makes it easy to drag around. 

    • Perfect for residential use or samll rural areas. If you are tired of the slow motion of hydraulic splitters, this could be the right choice for you.


    Model BM11097P 
    Work Force 18T
    Max Log Length 400mm
    Max Log Diameter 450mm
    Power 3.5HP
    N.W./G.W. 109/122kg
    Packing Size 1370*360*680mm







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