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Forestwest provides metal cutting machine, like Metal Band Saw and Metal Drop Saw. Metal working tools include Metal Hand Shears and Anvils with different sizes.

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    This Forestwest BM20412 4.5" Metal Bandsaw comes with a solid stand with a under tray. This metal band saw is powered by a 550W 0.75hp electric motor, with a choice of three speed pulley system. It can cut up to 150mm wide and 120mm deep. The bandsaw can be used as a vertical saw, and do a horizontal cut with a detachable platform that can be mounted near the saw blade. The clamp on the base can be pivoted up to 45 degrees, which enables a 45 degree mitre cut. There is an automatic cut-off system that will stop the motor when cutting is compeleted. 

    This Metal Cutting Bandsaw is a solid and efficient machine, idea for cutting tubes, pipe, solid steel, etc. Please note that different types of blades may be required for different materials.

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  • This Forestwest BM20411 Metal Band Saw is a portable model, with only 24kg in weight. This bandsaw is powered by a 400W motor, with variable motor speed ranging from 2000-4200rpm, enable adjustable blade speed from 38-80m/min, which means you can choose the perfect cutting speed for different materials. The cutting head can be pivoted up to 60 degrees. It can cut up to 125mm deep at 90 degrees, and 76mm deep at 45 degrees. 

    It is made of casting iron and steel, making it a very robust machine. The bandsaw blade is a Bi-metal Blade, with high speed steel teeth and high strength carbon steel base, maximize the blade life.

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