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Forestwest provides a various types of Cement Mixer and Screed Mortar Mixers suitable for both small renovations at home and big construction jobs. They are all powered with High-torque Electric Motor to ensure every load is mixed properly. There are variety sizes, from 70L to 180L. All models are equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability. All the cement mixers come with 12 month free-parts warranty. 

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  • Featured Product

    120L Portable Screed Mixer Pan Mortar Mixer BM679

    This Forestwest Screed Mortar Mixer BM679 has a large 120L capacity, powered by a high-torque electric motor. Constructed with heady duty steel, it is a trade quality mixer that can be used in construction sites. With four mixing blades positioned at different height, it will mix each load properly and efficiently. The protective hopper grate has a bag splitter on top for easy loading, the a safety automatic cut-off system will be triggered whe the grate is open. For unloading the material, you can either unload into a wheel barrel or put down the unloading platform to unload into baskets. This mixer is also designed with two big wheel at the bottom for maneuverability, and two small wheels on the top allows single work to load onto the vehicle. » View More

    $1,399.00 (inc GST)
    List Price: $1,599.00
  • 130L Portable Front Tip Cement Mixer with detachable Stand BM666

    This Forestwest Front Tip Cement Mixer has a 130L capacity, powered by 370W electric motor. It can be used like wheel barrel for easy mobility, and can be used on a solid stand. The front tip is designed for easy unloading. It has two curved mixing blades to produce consistent and efficient mix for every load. And it is built with heavy duty steel frame, ideal for most commercial applications.  » View More

    $539.00 (inc GST)
    List Price: $759.00
  • On Sale Featured Product

    180L Portable Eletric Cement Mixer BM613

    This Forestwest Portable Cement Mixer BM613 has a 180L capacity, powered by a 800W high-torque electric motor, perfect for concrete, mortar, or render. It is equipped with dual mixing blade for consistent and efficient mix. The drum can be tilted at vast positions controlled by high grade tipper grade. Portable model with two 10 inch wheels. » View More

    Christmas Special $369.00 (inc GST)
    List Price: $459.00
  • On Sale Featured Product

    70L Portable Electric Cement Mixer BM685

    This Forestwest Mini Cement Mixer has a 70L capacity, powered by a 220W electric motor, suitable for mixing concrete, mortar or render. It is built with heavy duty steel frame. And dual mixing blades will produce a consistent stable mix for every load. Drum can be tilted at vast position controlled by the tilting handle for easy pour, it saves time and your back. Portable model with only 24kg in weight and two wheels. This mini mixer, although small in size, but is of tradesman quality, and will perform beyond you expectation. » View More

    Christmas Special $219.00 (inc GST)
    List Price: $259.00
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