Upgrade on 15ton and 18ton Kinetic Log Splitter BM11097 and BM11097P


Dear Customers,

Forestwest is introducing our new upgrade on our 15ton and 18ton Kinetic Log Splitter. The main upgrade this time is on the flywheel:

1. We change a bit of the material formula, to make the flywheel stronger, more resistant to wear and tear.

2. We add a bit more weight onto the flywheels, to get the most out of the motor's power, which makes the machine store more kinetic energy and generate more splitting force. 

Both the 15ton electric log splitter and the 18ton petrol log splitter are on special at the moment, $919 and $929. Check the testing videos we put on the website, or just give us a call at 1300 281 198 if you have any questions.

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