NEW Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower from Forestwest


1. "Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower" VS "String Trimmer or Lawn Mower."

A Walk Behind String Trimmer Mower is basically a walk-behind string trimmer with big wheels, or a lawn mower with string cords instead of blades. So it combines the advantages of a string trimmer and a lawn mower, it is a powerful gardening equipment that can easily cut through thick, stubborn weeds, grasses and tangled brush growing up around your property. They are perfect for use in rugged terrain that can’t be handled with a regular mower, or where the grass / shrubbery is too thick to be dealt with using standard string trimmers.

2. When to choose a String Trimmer Mower?

If you only have a tiny yard with light weed and grass, it’s probably not too exhausting to use a hand-held string trimmer. But if you have a larger space with taller weeds and grasses, especially with a wide range of weed and brush types, the Forestwest Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower will become extremely useful. This String Trimmer Mower can trim right up close to trees, walls, and other obstacles, so it gives you high flexibility, and saves you back and arm because all you need to do is walk-behind and push.

3. Why Forestwest Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower?

This Forestwest BM11112 Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower has many great features:

5.5HP Easy to Start Petrol Engine, Only 31kg.

14" Huge Wheels

Offset frame allows trimming right up against obstacles with precision

Adjustable cutting height from 1.5" to 3"

22" Cutting Width

Comfortable handle with full control 

Handles easy to fold



Easy replaceable trimmer cords

FREE 11 Pairs of Trimmer Cords

Free one bottle of Engine Oil ready to use


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