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Forestwest has just released some NEW Garden Machines & Tools like Trimmer Mower, Tiller, Water Pump, Earth Auger, Multi Functions Garden Tools. They all came from the top quality factory, and are of great prices.


Forestwest 5.5HP String Trimmer Lawn Mower BM11112 This powerful string trimmer mower can handle thick grass very easily. Simply push it around with the easy-to-maneuver wheels and get the tricky job done. It also works well on stony and uneven grounds. This machine can cut 1.5" to 3" in hight and up to 22" in width. Please check the following customer testing video:




Forestwest Mini Tiller/Cultivator 51.7cc Petrol BM11117  This easy to use 51.7cc mini petrol tiller is perfect for family garden or backyard. It is very light in weight but works very effectively with weeds in sandy soil as well as heavier loamy soil. Adjustable tine depth 50-150mm, tine width 250mm. Testing video here:


Forestwest 4 in 1 Multifunction Garden Tools BM 11116  String Trimmer, Brusher Cutter, Hedger Cutter, Chainsaw 4 functions available. This machine has a good combination of multi-functions that suits all your needs for your family garden. Cutting width 415mm, blade length 255mm, hedge trimmer length 400mm. Check the testing video here:


Forestwest 200mm 51.7cc Earth Auger Post Hole Digger BM11115  This earth auger is powered by a 51.7cc petrol engine, and equipped with 200mm(D) x 740mm(L) auger and one 540mm extension shaft. It is a perfect power hole digger tool for farm, garden or family backyard. 

Forestwest 42.7cc Petrol Water Pump BM11118 This pump has a 42.7cc petrol engine. Water flow 8 cbm/h, suction depth 8m with 30m lift. Water inlet/outlet diameter 25mm.

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