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Forestwest is providing Special Offers on all our Kinetic Log Splitter. 

Having more than 15 years of experience on manufacturing and developing kinetic log splitters, Forestwest is the first company to bring a full range of Kinetic Log Splitters. We have different models with various prices and splitting capacities fit for both home use and commercial use. They are a lot faster than normal hydraulic log splitter with only 2s cycle time, and a lot easier to maintain and service with no worries like hydraulic leak or pump issues.

The 34ton Petrol Log Splitter is the most powerful model we have, 13hp Petrol Engine, 25kg heavy duty flywheel. A solid machine, tested with all kinds of hard logs, and the splitting performance is fantastic. Only $1899 in July, saving $100.

The 15ton Electric Log Splitter is the most popular model for family use, a 2200W electric motor, and 15ton splitting force, suitable for most commonly used firewoods. A medium size frame and a stand, makes it very easy to store and use. Only $939. 

The basic model includes the 7ton kinetic log splitter, and two type of 10ton kinetic log splitter (one with stand, and the other without). They are tested with jarrah, stringybark, yellow box, red gum, etc. They are perfect for families with relative smaller needs for firewood or not using the hardest firewood.

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