July Specials-Hydraulic Log Splitter


Dear Customers, 

Forestwest is providing Special Prices on all our hydraulic log splitter. All our hydraulic log splitter are vertical log splitter, with adjustable working table to suit different log size.

The 10ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is equipped with a 9HP petrol engine, which is often found on a at least 40ton log splitter from other brands, it's splitting force is definitely under-rated. Tested with Red Gum and other variety of hard wood, and it works very well, only $1099. Testing videos available:

The 8ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is equipped with 3000W 15A electric motor, which is normally equipped on a 20ton hydraulic log splitter from other brands. Also tested with hard wood brought by our customers. Only $699. Testing videos avaible:

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