Forestwest Mortar Screed Mixers


Introducing Forestwest Mortar Mixers, also known as Screed Mixer, Pan Mixer or Forced Action Mixers. They are designed for heavy duty work, and suitable for mixing wet and dry materials.

What is different abut mortar mixer?

Unlike the normal drum mixers, the arm or mixing blade in mortar mixers rotates around the centre shaft at a consistent speed. In Forestwest Mortar Mixers, there are four blades with different shapes and positioned at different level. These mixing blades are powered by high torque motors, it ensures all the material in the drum is mixed properly.

When to choose a mortar mixer over other mixers?

Generally, mortar mixers will provide a much better mixing result compared to a drum mixer or a hand held mixer. Especially when you are dealing with a large quantity, fast-drying or very dense materials. Using a mortar mixers will highly increase the time and labour efficiencies.

Other features of Forestwest Screed Mixer.

They are assembled and ready to use: you only need to put the wheels on to complete the assembly.
You can unload to wheel barrow directly or into a basket using the folding platform.
A ripping bar is attached on top of the hopper which can be used to rip the bags for easy loading.
Mixing blades can be easily removed for cleaning, or adjusted for better mixing.
Automatic shut off when the hopper lid is lifted up to ensure the safety of operator.
Quad wheels design make it easy for loading onto vehicles by one person.

Check the testing video of our Screed Mixers:


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