Forestwest January Sale


Dear Customers:

Forestwest is providing specials on selected models in January:

  1. 34ton Kinetic Log Splitter $1899.

  2. 7ton Kinetic Log Splitter $529.

  3. 10ton Kinetic Log Splitter $679.

  4. 15ton Kinetic Log Splitter $939.

  5. 18ton Petrol Kinetic Log Splitter $959.

  6. 70L Cement Mixer $219.

  7. 720mm Wet Tile Saw $529.

  8. 1000mm Wet Tile Saw $999.

  9. 5.5hp Trimmer Mower $529.

  10. 4 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool $329.

Contact us directly to make orders or know more about the specials.


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