Forestwest 6.5hp Petrol Tiller with Dual Rotating Tine


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Introducing Foreswest Walk-Behind Tiller with 6.5hp Petrol Engine and Dual Rotating Tine. Compared to a normal tiller, this tiller has many great features. I will give you 6 reasons why this is better tiller for cultivating your garden, your back yard or your farm.

Dual rotating tine: you can choose between a forward rotation and a counter-rotation. The forward rotation is good for tilling in established garden, the reverse rotation is good for loosening compacted soil or break ground.
Power driven wheels for moving forward and reverse. The tractor-style tires can easily walk on almost any terrain and you can simply switch to neutral gear for free-wheel.

6.5hp Petrol Engine that will supply sufficient power for cultivation need.

The drag stake provides extra resistance to prevent the tiller from constantly bouncing from the ground.

Adjustable tilling depth up to 330mm, and adjustable side walls will protect operator from thrown soil.

10 well designed tine blades for most efficient tilling. Get your land ready with less time and effort.

It is on Special at the moment, ONLY $1099 in October. Check more information at:

See the testing video below, feel free to contact us at 1300 281 198 if you have any questions.

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