4" Rotary Table Set with Tailstock&Three Jaw Chuck

  • 4" Rotary Table Set with Tailstock&Three Jaw Chuck BM30264S

    This Rotary Table Set contains a 4" Rotary table, a 75-115mm Tailstock, a 100mm Self Centring 3 Jaw Chuck.


    • Sturdy construction for heavy duty work;

    • 4" Rotary Table

    • Work table scaled to 360 degrees;

    • 1:72 Transmission ratio;


    Model 4" Rotary Table Set BM30264
    Diameter of table(mm) 110
    Morse taper of the center hole 2#
    Height of center for verti. Mounting(mm) 81.5
    Width of the T-slot (mm) 12
    Adjacent angle of table T-slot 120°
    Width of locating key (mm) 12
    Module of the worm gear 1
    Transmission ratio of the worm gear 1:72
    Graduation of the table 360°
    Rotating angle of table with revolution of the worm
    Minimum reading of the vernier  10"
    Indexing accuracy 120"
    Max.bearing(with table Hor.) kgs 60
    Max.bearing(with table Vert.) kgs 30
    Packing size(mm) 290×230×160
    N.W/G.W(KG) 8.3/10


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    List Price: $449.00

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