14hp Firewood Processor, Sawing, Splitting

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    14hp Firewood Processor, Sawing, Splitting BM11109

    Check the testing video below (the firewood lifter is not included in this processor)


    This Forestwest BM11109 Firewood Processor with 14hp Kholer engine, combines sawing, splitting, belt conveyor. The belt conveyor will move logs into fully covered sawing section for cutting into shorter pieces, and drop into the splitting section, and the 20ton splitting force will split it in four ways. And the firewood will then be transported by the belt conveyor to a specified location for storage.

    It is powered by a 14hp Kholer engine, providing sufficient power that can generate up to 20ton splitting force. The max splitting length is 610mm, and max splitting diameter at about 400mm, this wood processor can cope with most requirements for firewood. There is minimum labor involved in using this wood processor to get the firewood splitted. With average cycle time around 12 sec, it can cut and split firewood very efficient. 

    This Firewood Processor has been selling in Europe, Canada, etc. We only require a 30% deposit to confirm this order. Generally the machine will be ready for delivery and pick up in 70-90 days. For more information about the Firewood Processor , the Delivery Time Frame or the Payment Options, please contact us at 1300 281 198


    • Combination of sawing and splitting

    • 14hp Kholer Engine with 3 year warranty

    • 20ton hydraulic splitting force

    • 610mm Max Log Length, 400mm Max Splitting Diameter

    • One year free parts warranty on the firewood processor


    Model BM11109 20ton Firewood Processor with 14hp Kholer Engine
    Engine 14hp Kholer Engine
    Max Splitting Force 20ton
    Cycle Time 20s
    Max Splitting Length 610mm
    Max Splitting Diameter 400mm
    Belt Width 250mm
    Machine Size 3300*1200*1850mm
    Net Weight 475kg
    Machine Package Size 2200*900*1100mm
    Belt Package Size 1860*630*420


     Forestwest now accepts Zip-Pay online and in-store. You can get the product now and pay later. Please click here if you want to ZIP PAY.

    Shipping: Generally the machine will be ready for delivery and pick up in Australia in 70-90 days. Please contact us to discuss the delivery timeframe, quote and options.

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